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Swimming Pool Renovations - Honeydew

Homes with swimming pools are particularly sought after when buying a property in Honeydew. The primary reason for this is that South Africans enjoy a warm sunny climate throughout the year. In most parts of the country, swimming happens for up to eight months of the year, making it an excellent investment.


With all the benefits that accompany having a swimming pool, there are also some downsides, the biggest one being the maintenance involved. But, don’t get discouraged. We are here to help you get on top of your pool repair services, renovations and swimming pool installations in and around Honeydew.


All you have to do is call us on 087 551 3507 or request a quote online and we will put you in touch with swimming pool repair services in Honeydew. At the click of a button, you can have four poor repair or pool renovations quotes available to choose from. Keeping your swimming pool beautiful has never been easier!

How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool maintenance and repairs are crucial if you want your pool to last many decades. As a Honeydew homeowner, it can be daunting to think about pool repairs & pool renovations as well as the costs involved. But, these days, keeping your pool in great shape is as easy as hiring reputable swimming pool repairs contractors. You would be surprised at how affordable it really is. Swimming pool maintenance is more than pool pump repairs, but what does it actually entail?

Keeping the Pool Filter Clean

For hygiene and cleanliness of those using your pool, it is vital to keep the pool filter clean. Whether you’re using a sand filter, cartridge filter or a diatomaceous earth filter, you’ll have to clean it regularly to eliminate the risk of waterborne diseases.

Maintaining the Water Balance

If you want a sparkling blue swimming pool, ensure that the water chemistry is right. Chlorine should be added to help sanitize it and kill harmful bacteria. Make sure the pH levels of your pool never falls below 7.0.

Checking Pool Pumps Regularly

Pool pumps move the water towards the pool filter to ensure it is clean and disinfected. If your pool pump ceases to function properly, your pool may become dirty and contaminated. In which case, you should get in touch with Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew right away so we can put you in contact with reliable swimming pool repairs contractors in Honeydew.


A simple phone call or online quote request can set you up with a quote from at least four different swimming pool repair services. At Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew, we can put you in touch with reputable contractors who can help with all your pool pump repairs, leaks and pool renovations.

Different Types of Swimming Pools

Different swimming pools require different repair and maintenance solutions. At Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew, we can put you in contact you with professionals who may know exactly what type of swimming pool repairs and maintenance you require whether you have a fibreglass, concrete or vinyl swimming pool. When you work with our contractors, you are in good hands.

Fibreglass Swimming Pool

Cracks, bubbles and blisters are extremely common when it comes to fibreglass swimming pools. You can easily fix these problems using a repair kit. However, the patch is almost always visible as it can be very difficult to match the fibreglass colour. It is advisable to seek help from professional swimming pool repairs contractors in Honeydew if you want the results to be satisfactory.

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools often need replastering. Expect to notice chipping, cracking and hollow spots with age. Often, swimming pool owners use a repair kit and try to do repairs themselves, and sometimes with great results. If you don’t want to take the risk, we advise our customers to hire a reputable contractor for all your swimming pool repairs.

Vinyl Swimming Pools

Fixing a crack or leak in a vinyl swimming pool isn’t all that complicated and you could do it underwater. But, for permanent results, we advise the customer to drain out the water first. Before you refill a pool, make sure the vinyl patch is completely dry.


If you fail to take care of the vinyl liner, damage is a common occurrence. The pH level should always be above 7.0 for proper maintenance of the vinyl liner. A lower level could result in the vinyl liner expanding and a gradual degrade due to wrinkles on the liner. Too much chlorine may also damage the liner.


Swimming pool repairs and maintenance is a job best left to the professionals. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on a leak repair or pool pump repairs, don’t risk damaging your swimming pool even further. Get in touch with Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew today and we will send 4 quotes your way!

Affordable Swimming Pool Renovations Honeydew

Even with regular maintenance and repairs by a dependable pool repairs contractor, your swimming pool won’t last forever. Pumps, filters and pipes break and, depending on how old your swimming pool is, it might be time for a pool renovation or to replace it altogether.


A Pool revamp, whether a simple renovation or big structural change, requires a team of expert repair services and significant planning beforehand. Below are some reasons why you might consider pool renovations.

Extensive Damage

Every swimming pool gets exposed to harsh chemicals, UV rays and bad weather over time which may cause extensive damage. Whether you have a vinyl pool, fibreglass pool or concrete pool, any wrinkles, cracks or deterioration may be problematic since it will cause a leak. Leaks should be repaired properly and correctly by professional pool repair services to ensure the problem doesn’t persist.

Outdated Pool

Taking a swim in out of fashion swimming pools doesn’t feel luxurious at all. Why settle for less when you can transform your backyard by installing a resort-quality pool with an affordable pool renovation? Changing the interior resurfacing, tiles and liner may update your swimming pool in a big way. These changes are minor and cosmetic but won’t be expensive and take up too much time. Hire the best pool renovation and repairs contractors in Honeydew and get the most out of your pool this summer.

Saving Money with Solar Panels

Not only will swimming pool renovations save you money in the long run, but you can also make it more energy-efficient. Large pool pumps use much more energy than small pool pumps and by replacing it with a smaller size, you can cut your pumping bill in half, at least. Additionally, investing in solar heating by installing solar panels is an excellent way to save money and will reduce your monthly heating bill.


Whatever your reason, we’ll put you in contact with the best in the business. Renovations and pool repairs are at your disposal at the click of a button. Before you know it, you can choose between four different pool renovations and repair services in Honeydew.

When to Seek Help from Professional Pool Repair Contractors

Often, homeowners attempt DIY repairs and maintenance and while some might be successful, others are not. Chips, blisters, cracks and minor leaks are small problems that might be fixable if you have some past experience. But, when it comes to swimming pool repairs and renovations, we advise against doing it yourself and instead, hiring help from professional pool repair services in Honeydew.


If you don’t know what you are doing, you could further complicate the situation. Don’t ever attempt to fix issues with the filtration system, large cracks or plumbing errors. Leave pool repairs in the capable hands of Honeydew Pool Repairs Contractors. All our associates have taken the time to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to help you solve these problems fast and efficiently.


A failed attempt at pool repairs will only cost you money you could otherwise spend on a professional pool repair company. Make sure you hire professionals for regular maintenance and pool repairs because neglecting it are one of the key reasons that lead to expensive and complex swimming pool repairs.


Find the best pool repair services in Honeydew quickly. In a matter of minutes, you could have quotes from four different pool repair services in your hand. Call today or fill in the online form.

Services Offered by Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew

We offer a wide range of swimming pool repairs as well as maintenance and swimming pool installations. Below is a comprehensive list of how Swimming Pool Repairs Honeydew are able to assist you.


  • New pool installations
  • Pool repairs and remodelling
  • Pool renovations
  • Resurfacing (relining) in marbelite or fibreglass
  • Complete renovations to pools making them smaller/ bigger
  • Poolside alterations
  • Servicing of equipment/sand change
  • Pool pump repairs
  • Pool light repairs
  • Pool filter repairs
  • Pool heating (solar heating using solar panels)
  • Weekly pool maintenance service


Feel free to contact us via telephone or request a quote online for pool repairs and installation of swimming pools in Honeydew. Whatever you need, we are more than capable to help. Get in touch today!


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